Public invitation to bidders of ”Smart Callboxes” solution

BH Telecom invites all interested companies to show their interest and to supply the answers onto RFI for implementation of ”Smart callboxes”solutions within BH Telecom.

The aim of RFI is to collect detailed information regarding bidders, solutions and equipment which can be found at the market, and it is about qualitative planning of eventuel procurement of subject solution.

Each interested company should send e-mail, wherein they will show their interest for subject project onto the following addresses, after which they will obtain complete RFI document.

Halil Šabanović (, Haris Lučkin (;

Deadline for all answers delivery for RFI is 17.05.2021.

We emphasize that complete procedure RFI is neither obliging BH Telecom for procurement and implementation of any of offered solutions, nor is obliging that offered solutions must be planned or implemented in any way in the future within BH Telecom.