New technological and business solutions.

New opportunities for cooperation.

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Modern and stable infrastructural support

Strong sales force and promotion channels

Availability of BH Telecom
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Our partners

Strategically, we take corporate responsibility very seriously, knowing that we are part of a rapidly developing industry, and we also strive to contribute to the well-being of society as a whole by offering innovative services.

The Partner Program is a program of BH Telecom whose goal is, in a partnership between BH Telecom and potential business partners, to develop and implement new technological and / or business solutions and place new services on end users, based on these solutions.

Why become our partner?

BH Telecom provides its future partners with modern and stable infrastructure support, strong sales force and promotion channels, brand recognition and popularity, a large customer base and built mutual trust and relationships with its customers, availability to BH Telecom's knowledge base. If you offer your professional specialist knowledge, know-how expertise and competencies in the professional field in your portfolio, let us know that with the synergy of mutual advantages and expertise we open opportunities for new business opportunities in order to meet market needs and make additional profit.

Why BH Telecom?

We have:

  • People
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Infrastructure and security
  • Wide user base
  • Brand recognition
  • Customer and marketing support
  • Strong sales force

Why you?

You got:

  • Your own business
  • An idea
  • Innovative solutions
  • You specialize in the job you do
  • Strive to be the best at what you do

Our partnership

  • Let’s achieve our strategic and business goals.
  • Let’s add new value to your brand.
  • Let’s improve our business.
  • The power of synergistic sales
  • Marketing support
  • Monitoring technological trends and innovations
  • Larger user base
  • Conquering new market segments

Become a BH Telecom partner

Are you innovative, ready for new business models and interested in cooperation and teamwork? Become a partner of BH Telecom.

Application submittion:

You can submit an application for inclusion in the Affiliate Program by filling out the form or send us your proposal for cooperation directly via the protocol of BH Telecom (Franca Lehara 7, Sarajevo), and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Eligibility of the application:

The part of the Partnership Program will not consider cases related to: procurement of content, TV channels and all other procurement of goods and services, which are contracted in accordance with other relevant general acts of BH Telecom, and offers that represent the placement of existing services and products through promotional -sale arrangement / sponsorship arrangement.

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