Mugdim Mandžuka was born in Bugojno in 1958.

He graduated from the Faculty of Traffic and Communications at Sarajevo University and currently he is a degree-exam candidate at the post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Economy of Sarajevo University.

He is employed with PE BH POŠTA Ltd. Sarajevo as the Manager of Marketing Department.

Having over thirty years of length of service in the postal system, he took part in preparation and adoption of important laws and by-laws about organization and operation of postal traffic in the Federation of BiH and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He is a member to the Managing Board of the Association of Traffic and Communication Engineers in BiH. He published certain number of papers and participated in implementation of important development projects and programs (strategies and business plans) as an associate – member, for the purpose of enhancement of BiH postal system. He has certificates in international postal transport and he took part in several international projects of the World Postal Union..




Almina Pilav was born in Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law at Sarajevo University in 2002. She passed the bar exam in Sarajevo before the commission of the Federal Ministry of Justice in 2008.

She works as a lawyer in Sarajevo where she has her own law office. She is a member to the Bar Association of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Regional Bar Association Sarajevo.




Nedin Dedić was born in Bihać on 16 Jan., 1966.

He finished his elementary and secondary schools in his hometown. He graduated from the faculty in Sarajevo in 1991, took part in the war in BiH and afterwards he found a job in a private company.

He got his master’s degree in Sarajevo in 2004, as well as his doctoral degree in the field of economic sciences in 2015. He lives and works in Bihać.




Haris Delizaimović was born in Foča in 1964. He is a graduated economist and father to two children.

He lives in Goražde his whole life, where he worked in the Accounting Department from 1990 to the beginning of BiH war.

He spent his war years in Goražde and returned to his regular job in the Payment Institute after his demobilization from the Army of BiH in 1996.

After the Payment Institute stopped working, he changed to the Tax Administration Office of the Federation of BiH, CTO Goražde, where he worked as a Federal Tax Inspector in the 2002-2015 period. He currently works as the Manager of CTO Goražde.

In the 1997-2002 period, he was a President of PE Sports, Cultural and Economic Center Goražde. In that period, in spite of communication and other blockades, all their facilities, being completely devastated during the war actions, were fully reconstructed.

He was a member to FC Radnički from Goražde for many years and to WHC Goražde from 1997 to 2002, when the Club reached a historical success and won the Cup.

He received a lot of recognitions, letters of thanks and diplomas as follows:




Vjekoslav Ivanković graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo in 1989. He is married and father to two children. After his graduation, he was employed with Unis Telekom, Development Sector, from 1989 and he advanced his career to the position of the Development Manager.

He was a soldier of the Croatian Army from 1992 to June 1993, when he started to work in the Ministry of Interior Affairs as the III Sector Chief Officer until 2002.

He was a Chief Technology Officer in Mreža Ltd. until December 2006.

He is currently employed with the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA).




Svetlana Cenić was born in Sarajevo where she graduated from the Faculty of Economy. She had her post-graduate studies from several fields in foreign countries. Her career commenced in Tešanj and continued in Belgrade, England and again in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She managed several investment projects, got her experience both in foreign trade and production and had a long lasting cooperation with the non-governmental sector. She is the author of several studies and analyses in the field of economy. She is the Manager of the Regional Business Club ‘’Business Plus’’ from 2015.