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Frequently Asked Questions

Our replies on your most frequently asked questions about our services’ utilization can be found here.

For all other information please make a contact with one of our free support channels.


Which documents do I need to become a subscriber?

If you would like to become a subscriber of one or more services offered by BH Telecom, you have to fill in and submit your request for relevant service at BH Telecom front offices or points-of-sale, together with complementary documentation.

You can also submit your requests for xDSL, MojaTV, Dedicated Server and all services meant for business users, online:

Become xDSL user
Become MojaTV user
Become Dedicated Server user
Visit of the Key Account Manager


Which documents do I need to become a subscriber?

If you would like to become a subscriber of one or more services offered by BH Telecom, you have to submit your request for it at the nearest BH Telecom point-of-sale and to take your identity card or passport with you.

In addition to their identification documents, physical persons must also furnish us with their certificates of residence only at their first contracting of provision/utilization of BH Telecom services.


How can I port my telephone number from the other network into BH Telecom network?

For the purpose of your number porting into BH Telecom network, you have to make a request at one of BH Telecom points-of-sale. You are obliged to attach a receipt showing that you paid your debts, to be issued by the operator whose services you used previously (in the case of Number Portability Service), as well as your identification documents specified in the Conditions for BH Telecom Services Provision.

Physical persons need to have one of the following documents:

• identity card / passport / driving license.

Legal persons need to have one of the following documents:

• decision about registration in the court or another legally defined registry,

• certification of tax registration including identification number,

• evidence of transaction account opened with a business bank.

Foreign physical persons need to have one of the following documents:

• passport,

• certificate of residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina or identity card.

Foreign companies‘ branches need to have one of the following documents:

• evidence on registration with competent authority,

• evidence of transaction account opened with a business bank.

Our mobile network prepaid users are obliged to attach their SIM card and original document (certificate).

While submitting your request for Number Portability Service you are able to choose the service package you would like to use. Your request for Number Portability Service is also considered as a request for termination of your subscriber/user relationship with your previous operator.

After you submit your request you will be subsequently informed about the time and place of your contract signature, as well as about your SIM card takeover if mobile telephone number is in question.

Number Portability Service is free of charge in BH Telecom and it is implemented at the date you stated in your request for this service.


How can I check in which implementation phase is my request for some of BH Telecom services?

You can check your user’s request status if you call 1444 or send an inquiry to e-mail address podrska@bhtelecom.ba.


I have troubled operations of some of BH Telecom services. What can I do?

Our agents are at your disposal in order to help you through our free communication channels such as online support form, Facebook support channel, e-mail address podrska@bhtelecom.ba or free call to our Contact Center (1444).


How can I transfer my subscription to somebody?

Transfer of subscription means change of the subscription holder. To change your subscription in your subscriber number(s) or service(s), in addition to your certified written statement about transfer of your subscription, you have to sign annex to your subscription contract. The giver and the taker of subscription will sign that contract annex.

Transfer of subscription is charged in line with valid Price List and can be carried out at any BH Telecom point-of-sale.


Can I have/use xDSL or MojaTV Service if I do not have a fixed telephone line?

It is not necessary to have an active fixed telephone line for the purpose of introduction of xDSL or MojaTV Services. Having a fixed telephone line (active or inactive) is an advantage, but those services can be also introduced without it if there are technical preconditions sufficient for their implementation.


I changed my address or telephone number. Do I have to inform anybody about it?

In the case that a user changes his telephone number or address, it is important to make changes in his users database as well. All changes in our users database can be made in all BH Telecom points-of-sale.
If a user has some of xDSL or MojaTV Service Packages and if he changes his telephone number or address, he should submit his request for relocation of his terminal xDSL or MojaTV Service equipment in any BH Telecom point-of-sale. Our users of xDSL net Package can also submit their requests for their terminal equipment relocation through our web page www.bhtelecom.ba.

What is ISDN?

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network, meaning that ISDN line is fully digital unlike classic telephone lines which are analogue.

There are two types of ISDN lines as follows:

  • BRA (Basic Rate Access) - BRA is meant for our private users as a replacement of analogue lines. Introduction of ISDN BRA enables our users to get two telephone lines over only one telephone pair,
  • PRA (Primary Rate Access) - PRA is meant for our business users and can transfer 30 voice channels per one telephone pair.


What are the advantages of ISDN Service?

ISDN BH Line Service is created according to your possibilities and needs and it offers numerous advantages during utilization of single telephone line, such as:

  • you have two or more connections at the same address (house, apartment),
  • you need two simultaneous telephone lines on one telephone connection,
  • you would like to have separate telephone numbers for members to your family,
  • you would like to make a call, send a fax message or e-mail or browse through Internet at the same time,
  • you need a large number of additional services such as Calling Line Identification Presentation, Call Hold, Call Wait, Advice of Charge During and at End of Call, etc.

For our BH Line subscribers ISDN Service is introduced on their currently existing telephone line.


Which additional services can I use as ISDN user?

Besides a classic call setup, our users can also have a subscription for additional services, so significantly extending the possibilities of their telephone connections.

Our subscribers have the following additional services at disposal:

  • Calling Line Identification Presentation - CLIP
  • Terminal Portability - TP
  • Explicit Call Transfer - ECT
  • 3-Party Call - 3PTY
  • Multiple Subscriber Number - MSN
  • Call Forwarding - CF
  • Advice of Charge - AOC
  • Conference Call - CONF
  • Direct Dial-In - DDI
  • Connected Line Presentation - COLP
  • Connected Line Restriction - COLR
  • User-to-User Signaling - UUS
  • Call Hold - CH
  • Call Waiting - CW
  • Sub-Addressing - SUB
  • Closed User Group - CUG
  • Malicious Call Identification - MCID
  • Hot Line
  • Call Deflection - CD

You can find more information about our additional services at https://www.bhtelecom.ba/5104.html 


What is analogue telephone connection?

It is a classic telephone connection. Up-to-date IT and installation of digital exchanges have resulted in a huge progress, so you are able to make a call, send a fax message or browse through Internet over your telephone connection at the same time.


Which additional services can I use as analogue telephone connection user?

Our subscribers have the following additional services available:

  • Calling Line Identification Presentation
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Queue Waiting
  • Abbreviate Call
  • Conference Call
  • Absent Subscriber
  • Call Forwarding Busy
  • Do not Disturb
  • Call Return
  • Hot Line
  • Last Number Redial
  • Defined Time Call
  • Outgoing Call Limitation
  • Call Listing


Can I send SMS messages from my fixed telephone line?

If you are a user of BH Telecom services, have a telephone set which supports SMS service and have the Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) Service activated, you are able to send SMS messages from your fixed telephone line. The name of this service is BH Line Box.


How can I activate sending SMS messages from my fixed telephone line (BH Line Box)?

Look for ‘SMS Center’ in your telephone set menu. If the number of SMS Center is not already written, write 13900 or 1390 depending on the type of telephone set you use.

Afterwards, you can activate the service if you send ‘START’ to 900. It is important for you to wait for the return message:

‘We are glad that you selected our BH Line Box Service’ to confirm that SMS Service has been successfully activated.


How can I deactivate BH Line Box?

If you want to deactivate this service, send ‘STOP’ to 900 and wait again to get the return message that the service is not active any more.


Do you charge sending SMS messages from fixed telephone line?

Sending SMS messages within BH Telecom fixed network is free of charge, while sending SMS messages to and out of BH Telecom mobile network is charged in accordance with our currently valid Price List.


VoIP Telephony

Does BH Telecom offer IP telephony services to business users?

Yes, BH Telecom offer includes IP Centrex Service enabling our business users to get advantages of IP telephony with significant cost-savings.

You can find more information about IP Centrex Service here.

How can I become a user of BH Telecom BH Mobile network?

Full age physical persons, legal persons from BiH and foreign persons can be subscribers of BH Telecom BH Mobile network. You can subscribe to some of BH Telecom mobile services if you take your identity card or passport with you and go to the nearest point-of-sale of BH Telecom.

In addition to identification documents, physical persons must also furnish us with their certificates of residence only at their first time contracting of provision/utilization of BH Telecom services. You can fill in your request form at BH Telecom point-of-sale which is nearest to your residence or company’s head office.


What is SIM card?

When you conclude a contract with BH Telecom you become our subscriber and get your SIM card.

SIM card is an intelligent card having a microchip with data about your subscriber number, i.e. your subscriber number is not tied to your mobile device but to your SIM card.


What can I do if my SIM card is lost or stolen?

If your SIM card is lost or stolen, BH Telecom will temporarily disconnect your number upon your request. Call 1444 to report that your SIM card is lost or stolen.


A few months ago I terminated my BH Mobile number contract. Now I would like to use it again. Is it possible to have the same number?

You can have your number back if you fill in your request form in the nearest BH Telecom point-of-sale. If it is not taken, you can continue to use it.


How can I submit a request for additional services?

Subscribers of BH Telecom mobile network services can select one or more additional services for which the monthly fee is paid mainly, and some of them are parts of our subscriber packages. Some of our additional services are at your disposal automatically if you activate your user number (Calling Line Identification Presentation, Call Forwarding, Call Barring, Call Hold, etc.).

BH Telecom enables its users to have a lot of favorably priced additional services.


How can I configure 3G modem for Mobile Internet which is not owned by BH Telecom?

Users having laptops with integrated 3G modems or using PCMCIA card, i.e. USB modem with BH Telecom SIM card on which Mobile Internet Service is activated, can also configure their profiles for connection over BH Telecom network. They only need to create a new Internet profile in the Connections option in their interface or Connection Manager and to select it later as their default profile. It is enough to type in APN minternet.bhmobile.ba (mInternet, Ultra Net Package) or active.bhmobile.ba (for other packages), and, if necessary, *99# in the Dial Number option. Afterwards, they have to select this profile as a default one.

Note: If a user has OS Windows 7 and, after inserting his SIM card, it is not recognized, he should take the application driver from the official web page of the laptop manufacturer, which will recognize his SIM card and perform the previously explained procedure.


How can I use Mobile Internet with my mobile device having Android operating system?

You can set your GPRS profile up if you select Settings in the main menu, then Connection Settings, Mobile Network Setting’ and finally Access Points.

Afterwards, it is necessary to select New APN and enter as follows:

Name: BHMobile Internet  

APN: active.bhmobile.ba

If you have Internet card (UltraNet, mNetmFlat), you should type in minternet.bhmobile.ba.

MCC: 218

MNC: 90

APN vrsta: default,supl

All other fields in your profile will remain empty and there is no need for additional type in. Afterwards, select Save.

Then select Access Points from the next menu and klick on the profile we created, i.e. BH Mobile Internet (green point will indicate that the profile is selected as the basic one).

This way configuration of Mobile Internet Service on ANDROID Platform was successfully completed. Now you have to activate data transfer.


How can I use MMS with my mobile device having Android operating system?

Main Menu – Settings – Connection Settings – Mobile Network Settings – Access Points

Select New APN and follow further instructions:

Name: BHMobile MMS

APN: mms.bhmobile.ba 

At your profile’s bottom you will type in as follows:

MMSC: mms.bhmobile.ba/servlets/mms 

MMS proxy: 

MMS port: 8080

APN type: mms

After you type in above mentioned data in your profile, there is no need for additional type in.

Now select Save and your MMS profile will be configured. Other settings for MMS profile already exist in your mobile device and you do not have to change them.

Note: Mobile devices with ANDROID Platform, purchased from BH Telecom, already have the predefined profiles for MMS and Mobile Internet, so you do not have to create them. It is enough to insert your SIM card with registered services and the profiles will be automatically activated.


Why do I have GPRS Roaming in my monthly bill?

Foreign operators charge sending MMS messages and GPRS connections through charging 100 KB as the minimum unit of used traffic (it is 10 KB in local network). While tariffing Mobile Internet and MMS traffic, connection length is irrelevant but only the quantity of data being sent and received, rounded up to 10 KB units.

Users of mobile devices such as iPhone, HTC and certain models of Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG and NOKIA had the largest number of complaints about GPRS Roaming. Their monthly bills were high because those mobile devices have applications known as widgets and gadgets requiring to have a constant Internet connection. That way users had additional expenses without being aware of them. Those applications are for example weather forecasts, stock exchange markets and other applications which need a temporary Internet connection, as well as e-mail clients with automatic message checkup. To avoid high roaming costs, a user should disconnect DATA roaming on his mobile or other portable device. The best way to protect yourselves is to completely disconnect Mobile Internet and MMS Service while you are in roaming.


How can I become a registered Ultra number user?

You should go to the closest BH Telecom point-of-sale and take your Ultra Certificate and identity card with you. You will be registered as our Ultra user and get 5 KM bonus at your Ultra account within 24 hours from your data registration. Registration form is available in BH Telecom points-of-sale and web page.


I bought Ultra recharge card but it is already used. Who can I turn to?

If your card is used, you can submit a written complaint in BH Telecom front office or nearest point-of-sale. Upon our checkup of that card you will get our written reply about our acceptance or rejection of your complaint.


I bought Ultra card but its numbers are deleted. Who can I ask for support?

If your card numbers are not visible, i.e. if they are deleted, you should call 1444 and you will get support from our operater who will check certain card data.


I use Ultra Plus Service and I did not get 5 KM after purchasing mobile device or Ultra Start Package. Who can help me?

If you call 1444 or go to the closest BH Telecom point-of-sale, you can submit your complaint about Ultra Start Package.

BH Telecom employee will take the user’s data about his complaint, check and send them for further processing.


  I am unable to send SMS messages from A to B number and to receive SMS messages. How can I resolve this problem? 

  • You should check the number of BH Telecom SMS Center +38761125522.
  • Check if the format of SMS messages you send is correct.
  • Check if your inbox is full.
  • For other issues please call 1444 or furnish us with your complaint in writing.


I do not receive SMS messages from my bank. Why?

Check if your bank number (usually Premium Rate Numbers, e.g. 092xxxxxx) is accidentally put into the black list in your mobile device.

If it is not the case, check if your anti-virus program is set for scanning of your incoming messages. If so, try to avoid temporary scanning of your messages. If it is not the solution for your problem, call 1444 to get free support of BH Telecom staff.


How can I make a complaint about BH Mobile network quality?

You can submit your complaints about signal quality as follows:

  • if you call 1444
  • at any BH Telecom point-of-sale
  • if you send e-mail to podrska@bhtelecom.ba.


I have activated Mobile Internet and MMS Service and received their settings, but they still do not function.

At our portal you will find a detailed explanation of manual configuration of mobile devices for the purpose of Mobile Internet and MMS Service utilization.

General Mobile Internet settings:  

Profile name: Active

APN: active.bhmobile.ba

MCC: 218

MNC: 90

APN type: default,supl

General MMS Service settings: 

Profile name: BHmobileMMS

APN: mms.bhmobile.ba

MMS centar: mms.bhmobile.ba/servlets/mms

MMS Proxy:

MMS Port:8080

MCC: 218

MNC: 90

APN type: mms


How can I use e-mail over my mobile device?

If you would like to use e-mail over your mobile device, you need to have Mobile Internet activated and in operation and active e-mail address. Mobile devices have e-mail client configured as Outlook Express in your computer. So you need to have incoming and outgoing server addresses, username and password, and to select the profile of GPRS connection used for mobile Internet.

In the case that you do not have active e-mail address, you are able to use our mMail Service which is activated free of charge for all our users having Mobile Internet activated.


What are the basic functionalities of mMail Service?

  • It enables utilization of e-mail services over WAP and WEB.
  • mMail account is defined as 3876xxxxxx@bhmobile.ba and you are able to additionally create up to 3 addresses (e.g. text@bhmobile.ba) where ‘text’ is the word you define and change by yourselves.
  • All your e-mail messages are always at your disposal.
  • You have access to your address book, calendar, tasks and documents over WEB or WAP browser.
  • It enables synchronization of your mobile device address book, tasks and calendar with mMail portal; data about your contacts, calendar records, etc.; you are always online and safe from possible lost, software failures and other issues with your mobile device or PC.
  • It enables integration of up to 8 other e-mail accounts (external accounts – POP3 and IMAP4), so all your messages will arrive at one place.
  • You can use WAP-Push Notices easily (you go directly to your received e-mail message, defined task or calendar record with one click only), provided that your mobile device supports this functionality.
  • Each user of our Mobile Internet gets mMail account with 5 MB automatically and free of charge.

Utilization of mMail Service is charged through GPRS traffic you generated depending on GPRS package you use.


What are the daily and monthly limits of m-Commerce Service?

Daily limit is 20,00 KM and monthly limit is 30,00 KM.


What is the correct format of m-Commerce message?

Correct format is:        

1.5 38761******   _ greeting message.

You type 1.5 as the amount of money – 1,5 KM, then spacer and telephone number in the format of 38761******.

Greeting message is not a must.


How can I configure iPhone to use Mobile Internet?

Select Settings → Mobile Data → Mobile Data Network in the menu; enter access point (APN): active.bhmobile.ba.

After you enter settings correctly you need to turn ‘mobile data’ on in order to use the service. Leave the fields for username and password empty. Afterwards, you need to go back to the first display. You have to disconnect and reconnect your mobile device to activate above settings.


I sent one SMS message but several SMS messages were charged.

Some models of mobile devices use the so-called Unicode Text Coding Scheme, where each character or only those which are not from English alphabet are coded with two instead of one byte. That way, text having less than 160 characters can excess the SMS message limit of 160 bytes. In that case, SMS messages are delivered as several tied SMS messages with 160 or less number of bytes in each of them.


I have a call from abroad but national number is shown on my mobile device?

If you receive a call from abroad but a national number is shown on your mobile device, you should immediately send information about that number to e-mail address prijava@bhtelecom.ba or call 1444 to report it, because this is a misusage of telecommunication services.


I am unable to make calls from my Ultra number because I did not recharge it timely. Can I activate my number again?

You can only receive calls and make free calls toward:

  • 1204 and 1421 Ultra Automatic Service
  • 1444 Users Support
  • 112 Urgent Calls (police forces, ambulance)

Upon expiration of the recharge usage period, a user has 90 days to recharge his Ultra account. If so, he will keep the remaining recharge amount.

If a user does not recharge his Ultra account in the specified deadline, he can neither make nor receive calls and he will lose the remaining recharge amount. The user can submit a request for reactivation of his Ultra number in next six months. If the user does not reactivate his Ultra number in this period, he will permanently lose a possibility to get his number back.

Ultra recharge periods:

  • recharge up to 0,99 KM – usage period remains unchanged
  • recharge from 1 KM to 2,99 KM – 7 days
  • recharge from 3 KM to 4,99 KM – 10 days
  • recharge from 5 KM to 9,99 KM – 30 days
  • recharge from 10 KM to 19,99 KM – 90 days
  • recharge from 20 KM and more – 180 days


Can I purchase additional Mobile Internet within my Student Package?

Users of our Student Plus Package can activate the option for one-time additional purchase of Mobile Internet as follows:

  • at any BH Telecom point-of-sale
  • calling 1444
  • over My Guide menu (calling *100#)
  • sending SMS message with the following content:

- „Instant500“ to activate ‘Instant Internet 500 MB’ for one-time additional purchase of 500 MB of Mobile Internet traffic

- „Instant1000“ to activate ‘Instant Internet 1 GB’ for one-time additional purchase of 1 GB of Mobile Internet traffic through service number 061 11 19


How can I check my account balance within Postpaid Packages?

You can check your account balance as follows:

  • if you send SMS message to 061 1101
  • at BH Telecom web page
  • over My Guide menu (calling *100#)

Can the unused recharge amount from Combo/Student Plus Package be used next month?

No, the unused recharge amount cannot be used next month.


Can I use Ultra Flat recharge with Combined Package?

Users/subscribers of service packages which include combined payment are unable to use Ultra Flat recharge option, which is meant for prepaid users of our mobile telephony services.


After I receive a message from 06202020, is it charged and how can I deactivate that service?

It is TOP service provided by NTH Media. If a user wishes to deactivate this service, he will send a message STOP TOP to 06202020. In the case that a user sends only STOP to the same number, the service will be successfully deactivated as well.


How can I extend the validity period of the remaining recharge amount?

Upon expiration of the recharge validity period, a user can extend it if he recharges his Ultra account. The user is also able to spend the remaining recharge amount through one-time additional purchase of Extended Recharge Usage option.

The price of additional purchase is 0,50 KM (with VAT) and it enables extended usage of recharge within the 7-day period as follows:

  • if you select option in USSD menu *110#
  • if you send SMS message with the key word EXTEND to 061 110

Upon expiration of the 60-day period, a user gets a possibility to repeatedly purchase that option.


How is it possible to activate Ultra Flat option?

To activate Ultra Flat you have to call *105*0*0#, while its deactivation is done automatically after expiration of its validity period.


How can I activate SoS recharge?

SoS Recharge is activated on the basis of a user’s request, upon sending a free SMS message from BH Mobile network to 061 11 077. To use SoS Recharge, a caller has to be an active BH Telecom user over the last year, without having the credit limit activated, and to have less than 0,20 KM at his account.


How can I change my Ultra tariff?

To change your Ultra tariff you should call 1204 and follow voice messages, and then select CHANGES as your desired option.


What is the method to configure Huawei CarFi?

Huawei CarFi enables integration of your portable devices with Wi-Fi network.

Configuration of CarFi modem:

  • upon your activation of CarFi, you should connect with your device over Wi-Fi network
  • look for Huawei CarFi on your device and connect with it
  • enter the PIN you got together with CarFi
  • to configure CarFi device you need to install Huawei HiLink application from the Play Store (Android)
  • when you start the application you need to disconnect PIN on your SIM card. You can do it as follows: click on the gear in the upper right corner, then click on Device, type in the PIN of your SIM card and click on Disable PIN Verification
  • if you use mInternet cards, CarFi is already set to operate with them and you do not have to set anything
  • if you would like to set a new access point (APN), you need to do the following:

click on Network, APN, New and type in the APN you would like to use. Click on Network and turn Mobile Data on if it is not already turned on.


Can I use the USB modem of BH Telecom abroad?

Of course you can. Before your trip, we recommend you to check the most favorable partners for GPRS roaming, because the prices and tariff models can significantly vary. We also recommend you to control the number of sessions and quantity of transferred data in your management program.

I am unable to log in www.bhmobile.bhtelecom.ba?

To log in www.bhmobile.bhtelecom.ba, a user has to register, i.e. change his password and request a new password. Afterwards, the user can make attempt to log in the portal entering the number 06xxxxxxx and his password, paying attention to lowercase and capital letters.


I have changed from the old type mobile device to the smart phone and the SIM card I have used for 10 years is not in function in the new mobile device. What can I do?

You can visit the nearest BH Telecom point-of-sale and take your SIM card and smart phone with you for verification. If we conclude that your SIM card does not operate in your new mobile device because it is outdated, we will replace it with another one.

How can I change my password?

A user can change his password as follows:

  • over BH Telecom web page www.bhtelecom.ba (you need to register with your user data at the users portal),
  • at any BH Telecom point-of-sale, where you need to show your identification documents,
  • calling our free number 1444 from the telephone number being registered in the name of the xDSL Service holder in BH Telecom users base.


How can I change xDSL/Net Package?

xDSL/Net Service Package can be changed via BH Telecom web page (www.bhtelecom.ba), while all other service packages can be changed at any BH Telecom point-of-sale.


How can I provisionally disconnect some of xDSL Services?

Provisional deactivation or disconnection of xDSL Services can be performed at any BH Telecom point-of-sale for the 3-month period. Their reactivation can be done earlier at any BH Telecom point-of-sale, i.e. activation will be automatically performed upon expiration of the period which the user stated in his request.


How can I monitor my consumption of xDSL Service Package?

You can monitor your consumption through BH Telecom web page www.bhtelecom.ba. It is necessary for you to register with your user’s data at our users portal.


I have BH Telecom modem and additional wireless router. How can I set wireless network up?

In this case, you set wireless network up on your additional device, independently of BH Telecom modem. All you need is to connect your additional device with any free port on BH Telecom modem (xDSL Service users), i.e. port 1 if you use MojaTV Service, and to configure wireless network in accordance with the instructions you got with the device you bought.


I have BH Telecom modem with WiFi option. How can I activate wireless network?

You should call our free number 1444 or send e-mail message to podrska@bhtelecom.ba.


How can I check current Internet connection speed?

You can test Internet connection speed by means of web pages created for that purpose. One of the most popular is www.speedtest.net.


What am I able to do if Internet connection is slow?

Check if you use computer programs which generate certain traffic and slow down your connection (e.g. torrenti). Use anti-virus programs regularly.


I am unable to access BH Telecom modem with the data I used earlier. What is the problem?

BH Telecom modems are included in the Automatic Configuration System (ACS), so access to them is disabled for the purpose of protecting our users and service security.

If the advanced configuration is needed, our users are able to get it through our support channels – calling 1444 or sending e-mail to podrska@bhtelecom.ba.


After I entered my username and password, I was unable to have Internet connection and got ‘’691’’ error?

‘’691’’ error refers to a faulty entry of user’s data (username or password). This error can also appear if the bill for xDSL Service is not paid.


Tested xDSL Service speed is less than the one I got in the package I use. What can I do?

Firstly, you need to test your connection speed through a wired connection exclusively, while your computer/laptop is directly connected with BH Telecom modem over cable. Test of WiFi network speed is not a relevant indicator of eventual deviation. You can make relevant test at www.speedtest.net.

In the case that the speed, being tested as described above, is less than the one you got in the service package you use, you should address our Users Support Service.


I make attempts to register at Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Viber (or another services not owned by BH Telecom) but I fail, and I do not have that problem with other web pages. What can I do in this case?

BH Telecom is not responsible for any service which is not in its possession.


My monthly bill for xDSL Service is too high. How can I check if a fraud is performed? If so, what can I do?

You need to register with your user’s data in the part of www.bhtelecom.ba portal meant for our users. Your click on xDSL on the left side enables you to have a detailed review of your current month consumption. In the field MAC Address, a user is able to make a detailed review of his MAC Addresses from which he connected.

If a user has one personal computer without using his xDSL account from other location, MAC Address must always be the same. If the user notes that the connection was used from other MAC Addresses (not in his possession), he should urgently change his password.
User is able to report his user’s account fraud in the nearest Police Department.


Which access rates are available within L.net Package?

Depending on the network site and availability, achievable access rates are as follows:

  • HSDPA – up to 14Mbit/s
  • UMTS – up to 384 kbit/s download
  • EDGE – up to 220 kbit/s download
  • GPRS – up to 80 kbit/s download


How can I check my consumption of L.net Service?

You need to activate BH Line portal over BH Telecom web page (through Activate BH Line Portal or direct link http://www.bhtelecom.ba/bhline_portal_aktivacija.html) at the number to which L.net Service is attached.

After your successful service activation via BH Telecom web page, you have to call 1444 to make service activation complete.




I received e-mail message from BH Telecom asking me to submit my user’s data, i.e. username and password. Am I obliged to do it?

BH Telecom will never ask its user to submit his user’s data.

Those are malicious e-mail messages. BH Telecom did not send them and you are definitely not obliged to reply on them. You should delete that e-mail message.


I can neither receive nor send e-mail messages over Outlook Express. How can I resolve it?

Firstly, you need to test your e-mail messages receiving/sending through webmail (direct link https://webmail.bih.net.ba). If webmail operates properly, a user is obliged to check e-mail messages configuration in Outlook Express.

Configuration can be checked by means of configuration file at our web page (http://www.bhtelecom.ba/uputstva_express0.html).

We point out that BH Telecom does not administer your Outlook Express.
If e-mail messages cannot be sent/received over webmail, you should contact our Users Support Service at 1444.


Is it possible to redirect my domain to G Hosting Service provided by BH Telecom?

Domain redirection to G Hosting Service provided by BH Telecom is impossible. If you wish to redirect your already leased domain to BH Telecom Hosting Service, you are able to do it on two Commercial Hosting Packages – winOS or linOS.


How can I activate and use Email2SMS Service?

You can activate Email2SMS Service over BH Telecom portal (www.bhtelecom.ba).

After you log in with your user’s data, you select Settings - Email2SMS Settings on the left side of the menu and you will activate the following two services:

  • SMS Notification – you receive SMS message informing you that you received e-mail message, and
  • E-mail2SMS Settings – full e-mail message composed of maximum six SMS messages is sent to your mobile device.

SMS Notification Service is not charged, while Email2SMS Service is charged in accordance with our valid Price List.


How is it possible to change the settings of sender’s name on webmail?

You change these settings by yourselves at BH Telecom web page (www.bhtelecom.ba). After you log in with your user’s data, you select Settings - Webmail Settings on the left side of the menu and then change the sender’s name.


The most often reason for a user’s impossibility to receive e-mail messages

The most often reason is full e-mail capacity, i.e. inbox in the user’s webmail.

Capacity level is visible upon logging in the webmail on the left side of the screen and it is shown in percentages.

You need to delete your previous e-mail messages (via webmail) in order to release your e-mail capacity. After you empty certain folder and delete unnecessary e-mail messages, you also have to empty the trash folder (where all deleted contents are placed) for the purpose of a permanent deletion of your e-mail messages.


I should check my e-mail messages from several personal computers. How can I avoid losing my e-mail messages in that case?

During configuration of e-mail client, it is necessary for you to set IMAP Protocol up on all your locations. Accordingly, copies of your e-mail messages will stay on the server and you will avoid losing copies of your e-mail messages on the server while opening e-mail client on single location.


How am I able to check fullness of Zimbra e-mail inbox?

After you register on Zimbra webmail, you should position your mouse arrow in the upper right corner of your screen - Your Full Name/Company’s Name. You will see how full is your e-mail inbox in percentages.


How can I protect myself from hacker attacks?

Hacker attacks are conditioned by the following:

  • operating system you use,
  • programs you use,
  • your activities on Internet,
  • your personal computer (hardware).

Namely, Internet hackers usually use a computer which is connected to Internet round-the-clock, being the ‘’stepping stone’’ for their further attacks. At the same time, it is very hard to discover the place from which a hacker came out and all damage he caused while attacking other computers would look like you did it.

Hackers attack personal computers differently. For example, you can receive over e-mail message a program which, after you start it, shows a colorful and cheerful animation and completes working (virtually), but in the background it will move in your system, remain permanently active and commence with malicious activities in a few days, e.g. delete your data or give other persons secretly a full access to your personal computer over Internet. Such programs are usually called Trojan Horses. Particularly dangerous are the programs having a suspicious origin because you are not sure about their functions.

Using programs such as Instant Messaging Clients, Chat Clients, web server software, database, i.e. any program interactively with another personal computer on Internet, you publicly expose your Internet address and identity.

We would like that only you use xDSL Service advantages and not hackers. Accordingly, we recommend you to be careful during your installation of suspicious programs, acceptance and opening of e-mail messages from unknown senders having suspicious contents.

I forgot my password for access to Hosting Service. What can I do?

Make a free call to 1444, where you will get our Users Support Service, from the telephone number registered for the same person/company as Hosting Service and ask for your password to be changed.


How can I create and administer domain e-mail accounts?

To have access to control panel for administration of domain e-mail accounts, you need to log in with your user’s data at BH Telecom web page (www.bhtelecom.ba) and to select Settings – Hosting Settings – E-mail Hosting Control Panel in the menu. Within this option you are able to add new and change current domain e-mail accounts.


I have recently received a large number of e-mail messages from an (unknown) e-mail address disturbing my usual e-mail operation. What can I do in this respect?

It is a spam resulting from viruses or your opening of infected web contents, so your e-mail access data are jeopardized.

You have to change your password as soon as possible (over BH Telecom web page or calling our User Support Center at 1444).


How can I activate free G/BIZ Hosting through BH Telecom web page?

You should log in BH Telecom web page (www.bhtelecom.ba) with your user’s data (username and password). You select xDSL on the top of menu and then Hosting Activation in the left menu.

You need to mark Activate BIZ Hosting and click on Send Request.

You will receive information about your successful activation of G/BIZ Hosting Service and all access data on your e-mail address.


How can I redirect the domain I leased from another provider to Hosting Service provided by BH Telecom?

Users of BH Telecom Hosting Service are often in need for maintenance of their web sites and e-mails at the domain not owned by BH Telecom (domains owned by BH Telecom are com.ba, shops.ba, dza.ba, game.ba, tech.ba, prof.ba, ind.ba, stud.ba and iam.ba). E.g. if a client wishes for his web page to be named as ‘’firma.ba’’ instead of e.g. ‘’firma.com.ba’’.

In such cases, it is necessary to register (lease) a domain from an authorized distributer and then to redirect it toward BH Telecom Hosting Service.

The domain is redirected to DNS Servers of BH Telecom.

DNS Servers are as follows:

·         ns.com.ba (

·         ns2.com.ba (

·         ns3.com.ba (

A user must inform the authorized distributer that he would like to redirect his domain and to give him the names and IP addresses of BH Telecom DNS Server. After the authorized distributer completes redirection, the domain will be resolved in Internet network and the user’s web site can be opened in web browser, so his e-mail communication (e-mail messages on the domain) will start to operate.


What are the limitations for e-mail messages sending/capacity?

Maximum size of an e-mail message attachment is up to 95 MB.


How can I have access to BH Telecom FTP Server?

You can have access to our FTP Server anonymously (authorization is not needed).

Our FTP Server address is ftp.bih.net.ba and you can connect with it from the browser or over some FTP Program.

If you use a browser, you need to enter ftp://ftp.bih.net.ba in the address field.

If you make access via some FTP Program, enter the following data:

  • Server address: ftp.bih.net.ba
  • Port: 21
  • Login: anonymous
  • Password: your e-mail address

Above Server is not meant for upload of our users’ web pages.


What is the address of BH Telecom Proxy Server?

Our Proxy Server’s address is proxy.bih.net.ba

What is Moja TV (My TV) Service?

Moja TV is the television which is harmonized with our users’ needs offering a series of advantages. It is possible to make a list of favorite programs, to listen to the radio, to record selected content and to watch it when you want, to make a program break and reminders while watching your favorite program.


I relocated the equipment I use for Moja TV Service. How can I reconnect it?

Service reconnection will be done according to attached scheme.

Personal computer or additional router has to be connected with port 1 on BH Telecom modem, ports 2 and 3 are mapped for STBs 1 and 2, while VoIP adapter/telephone set will be connected with port 4.


What is the maximum number of TV sets I can use within Moja TV Service?

It is possible to use maximum three TV sets within Moja TV Service. To implement additional two connections, additional (second and/or third) STB has to be leased and their connection will be performed in line with technical possibilities on the site.

Registration of additional STB can be done if you call 1444.


How can I use TV Program Guide?

To enter TV Program Guide, press Menu on your remote control, select TV and Program Guide. You can flip through the channels if you press ▲ (up) and ▼ (down) keys. When you find the program you would like to watch, press OK to activate it. You can have access to additional tools for channels/programs management in the TV Program Guide. You should only mark the channel/program you would like to manage and then press the blue key on your remote control to activate channel/program tools, enabling you as follows:

  • to set the reminder up for the next program you selected,
  • to set recording up for the next program you selected,
  • to broadcast finished programs (only for automatically recorded program channels),
  • to unlock the channel you selected.


How can I record a program?

You can record only the programs marked as acceptable for recording. To record a program, first you must activate TV Program Guide (press Menu on your remote control for Moja TV Service, TV/Program Guide option). Change to the program you would like to record and press the blue key on your remote control to activate channel/program tools. If that program can be recorded, ‘Recording’ will be displayed in the tools list. Select it and confirm your request for recording and the selected program will be colored, showing that it is ready for recording. Upon completion of recording, the selected program will appear in ‘My Recordings’. Moja TV System will enable recording of certain quantity of content depending on the selected Moja TV Service Package. Recorded content can be watched until deleted.


How can I record and watch TV program?

Go to ‘My Recordings’ by means of the list of your recordings you created. Use ▲ (up) and ▼ (down) keys to list it and to select recorded program you wish to watch and then select the green key. You are able to watch, make a break, rewind and stop all your personal recordings, the same as with VCR/DVD.


What is the Time Shift TV?

Subsequent watching of recorded program is available on the selected channels marked as auto-recordable. Programs having channels with auto-recording are recorded in order to be watched some other time. To watch a program which is already broadcasted, first you must activate TV Program Guide (press Menu, TV/Program Guide at your remote control). Change to the program you would like to watch and press the blue key on your remote control to activate channel/program tools. If the program is recorded, ‘Broadcast Recording’ will show in the tools list. Select it and confirm your request for broadcasting of the time shift program and it will start.


What is enabled by TV Mosaic?

TV Mosaic enables you to watch a large number of channels at the same time. Select TV in the Menu and then TV Mosaic.

What is enabled by Video on Demand (VoD) Service?

Video on Demand Service enables you to select and watch various video content. You are able to select and buy feature and animated films you want to watch, which will be at your 24-hour disposal. In that period, you are able to watch the video content you bought in several parts or even several times. You can buy one-time as much video content as you want.


How can I review Video on Demand content?

Go to Video on Demand section. Use ▲ (up) and ▼ (down) keys to review all film categories. Mark the category you wish to watch and press OK. The list of available films will display. Move up and down to select the film you would like to watch and then press OK. Detailed information about the film you selected will display. Use the yellow key for a short film review (free of charge), and the green key to buy and broadcast the film you selected according to displayed instructions. There is a category of recommended films helping you to select the film you would like to watch grounded on the statistics about the films you watched earlier.


What is enabled by Parental Control?

Parental Control enables you to lock the channels and programs having inappropriate content. When you wish to watch the program or video content you locked, you will get a request to enter your PIN code. When it is used for the first time, there is only a standard user’s profile for subscriber’s access to Moja TV Service application (basic profile). To register, you must enter your PIN code (given to users in the first instance) which protects your personal data. When a user enters into Moja TV Portal, he is able to create additional profiles with different settings (profile 1 and profile 2) and to decide later about his user’s profile to be used for activation of Moja TV Service Portal.


How can I set Parental Control up?

Moja TV Service offers a large number of TV channels, films and programs you can watch or buy free of charge. Of course, each parent thinks about the type of content being accessible for children.

Moja TV Service provides Parental Control System (locking) you are able to use at your discretion, enabling you to decide about the content your children are allowed to watch.

Parental Control System allows turning off certain channels from the list of children channels and blocking the programs from certain TV classification. The list of users’ profiles will display. Use ▲ (up) and ▼ (down) keys to select your desired user’s profile where you can arrange the settings of Parental Control and then press OK. Configuration of Parental Control for the selected user’s profile will display, composed of two parts – ‘’upper’’, meant for deletion of a channel from the list, and ‘’lower’’, meant for specification of user’s qualifications.

You can change from one to another part by means of ▲ (up) and ▼ (down) keys and you can select an individual part if you press OK. Parental Control within channel configuration enables deletion of individual channels from the list in the selected user’s profile – you can search through desired channel which you can delete by means of ▲ (up) and ▼ (down) keys. If you press OK at the selected channel, a mark will appear next to the channel, indicating that the channel will not be present in the user’s profile list any more. If you wish to watch a forbidden program or content upon your request, you must enter your PIN code to get access to that content.


How is it possible to set personal settings up?

Moja TV Portal enables configuration of several different user’s profiles for the purpose of a personalized review of individuals. Personal Settings section allows a user to manage as follows:

• personalized data for each user’s profile (channel ranking, graphic portal review, sub-titles/ audio, portal language, addition/deletion/rename of users profiles),

• Parental Control,

• PIN code,

• media settings (Moja TV Portal ratio and Set Top Box settings ratio); within Recommendations you can choose if you want that Moja TV System recommends you TV shows (it is possible in the video store too).


Moja TV – IPTV Service is not in operation. STB cannot be activated/started. What can I do in this case?

  • Check if all preconditions for utilization of Moja TV Service are met (Moja TV Service is active, xDSL modem is connected).
  • Check if STB is properly disconnected from power supply.
  • Check if you connected STB and TV set properly.
  • Check if Ethernet (network) cable is properly connected.

If even after above checkups Moja TV – IPTV Service is not in operation, call 1444 to report a failure.


I have Moja TV Service with video but without sound on my TV set. How can I resolve it?

It is important to check the following:

  • if the cables are completely and properly connected,
  • if MUTE is turned on on your TV set.

If even after above checkups the problem is not resolved, call 1444 to report a failure.


I have Moja TV Service with sound but without video on my TV set. How can I resolve it?

It is important to check the following:

  • if the cables are completely and properly connected,
  • if you set your TV set up to external video source and if your TV set is turned on.

If even after above checkups the problem is not resolved, call 1444 to report a failure.


My remote control does not respond so I am unable to change channels or manage with sound. What can I do?

  • Check if batteries are correct and replace them if needed.
  • If batteries are correct, you have to restart STB (disconnect/connect) and to test it.
  • If above steps 1 or 2 did not make any result, you should report a failure through our Users Support channels.


I use Moja TV Service Package and have VoIP telephone set. Now I would like to have my old fixed telephone number again. Is it possible to get it back?

It is possible to get the old number back if it is not given to another user in the meantime.


How can I activate SMS messages sending via VoIP Service?

Activation of SMS messages is performed through sending the word START to 900. If his registration was successful, the user will receive the message from SMS Center about it.


Calling Line Identification Presentation Service is not operational on my VoIP telephone set. How can I sort it out?

If you have a telephone set manufactured by Siemens, you need to enter the code for activation of Calling Line Identification Presentation Service. Activation method and codes for certain telephone sets can be found in below Table:

Telephone Set Model

Activation Method

Siemens S680

<MENU> 8594762001 12985 12604 04380 <OK>

Siemens S790

<MENU> *#05#4762001 36270 35226 43450 <OK>

Siemens C380

<MENU> 7494762001 19026 19250 27410 <OK>

In the case of difficulties, feel free to contact us through our Users Support channels.


I have a telephone connection with the geographic numbers (033, 035, 030, etc.) within Moja TV Full Package. Can I use IPTV Services used by VoIP telephone set users (non-geographic numbers 070)?

The services such as: Call List (missed, dialed, incoming calls) on TV set, Incoming Call Takeover after its indication on TV set, Calling Line Identification Presentation on TV set, Call Rejection and Management via IPTV, IPTV Address Book and call from IPTV menu toward Do not Disturb Service are possible only for the non-geographic number (070) and they are not applicable to the geographic numbers (033, 035, 030, etc.).


How can I activate additional HD channels package within Moja TV Service?

You can activate HD channels if you call 1444 or go to any BH Telecom point-of-sale.


I would like to have Moja TV Service but I need a higher Internet access rate. Is it possible?

Users of Multimedia Moja TV Service Packages are able to select Internet rate from eight options offered in Moja TV Net and Full Packages.


How can I submit a request for another STB?

You can submit a request for another STB if you call 1444 or go to any BH Telecom point-of-sale.


Which PIN code I need to enter in order to use Moja TV Commerce Service? What can I do if I do not know my PIN code?

To use Moja TV Commerce Service, you will use you basic PIN code you enter while starting Moja TV Service.

If you forgot or did not write down your basic PIN code, you will call our free number 1444 from your VoIP telephone set and ask for another PIN code.

If you use Moja TV Net Package and do not have VoIP telephone set, you are able to ask for a change of your PIN code through e-mail message you send from your bih.net.ba address to podrska@bhtelecom.ba.


As a user of Moja TV Service, can I buy a mobile device offered by BH Telecom with benefits?

Users of Moja TV Service can buy exclusively those devices having the price for Moja TV Packages specified in valid Price List.


Is it possible to watch Moja TV Service Package on mobile device/tablet?

If a user already has Moja TV Service activated, he can use it on his smart phone with Android operating system upon activation of Multiscreen Application (3,5 KM including VAT per device).

Instructions for its activation are available at the following link:


Video instructions for its activation are available at the following link:



How can I activate Multiscreen Service?

A user installs Moja TV Application from the Google Store. While starting it, the application will request the authorization code which can be read on STB if you press on the Menu, Settings, Additions and select the authorization code of your device.

A detailed description of above application is available on the portal at the following link:



How can I bar utilization of Moja TV Commerce Service?

In the case that a user does not want to use Moja TV Commerce Service any more, he should submit a request to bar it. He is able to do it if he calls 1444 or goes to any BH Telecom point-of-sale.

A user can set the service barring up separately for recharges through:

  • Mobile component (mobile number)
  • Fixed component (fixed number and from TV set)

A request for lifting the service barring can be submitted at BH Telecom points-of-sale exclusively.


Why am I unable to send/receive SMS messages within Moja TV Service?

In order to send/receive SMS messages within Moja TV Service, you need to send SMS message with the word START to 900 to activate it.

If service activation is properly performed, you will receive a return message from BH Telecom.


Certain programs within Moja TV Service are not translated. Why?

Certain channels have no translations to other languages and they are not distributed with translations. BH Telecom transfers channels the same as received from the satellite. All Moja TV Service channels have subtitles in Bosnian language and we offer them as such to our users.


How is it possible to check the number of devices on which Multiscreen Service is activated and how can I deactivate it?

You can see all registered devices through your STB if you open the Menu, Settings and Device Management. Pressing OK gives you a possibility to eventually disconnect a device from Multiscreen Application.


What is the method to manage domain e-mail addresses within BH Telecom Hosting Packages?

After a user activates Hosting Package and domain (com.ba or if he redirects .ba domain to his Hosting Server), E-mail Hosting Control Panel will display in Hosting tab within BH Telecom web page. A click on the link will open the menu for administration of additional e-mail addresses, where the user can open new e-mail addresses, delete the existing ones, reset his passwords and update his data.


Is it possible to use e-mail addresses @bih.net.ba on the computer, portal and mobile device at the same time?

Yes, it is, but to have all his e-mail messages available, a user should set up e-mail clients on his computer and mobile device according to instructions with IMAP settings.

Setup instructions are available on the portal at the following links:




I cannot send or receive e-mail messages via Mail Client. What can I do?

Check settings of your incoming and outgoing mail server – incoming mail server: in.mail.bih.net.ba and outgoing mail server: out.mail.bih.net.ba. Check if the option ‘’My outgoing server requires authentication’’ is on.


How can I activate Recording Service?

You will activate Recording Service on your STB if you press the Menu, Service Activation, then select the package you wish and confirm with OK. After you enter your PIN code, Recording Service will be activated.

Instructions for above service utilization can be found at the following link: http://www.mojatv.ba/6865.html


Is it possible to use Recording Service on my mobile device?

If Recording Service Package is activated on your STB, reproduction and recording schedule can be initiated on STB through EPG, as well as from Android Moja TV Application using tabs TV GUIDE and MY CONTENT in the case that a user uses Multiscreen on his mobile device.


Is it possible to activate and use Multiscreen Moja TV Package within net Flat Packages?

Activation of Multiscreen is possible only within Moja TV Service Packages. Multiscreen can be used within any Internet Package on BiH territory.


Is it possible to install Multiscreen and/or Moja Web TV Application on smart TV set?

To use Multiscreen and Moja Web TV Application, your device should support Android operating system and installation directly from the Google Store.


What is the size of mailbox on BH Telecom servers?

In the case of bihnet e-mail address (test@bih.net.ba) limitation is 200 MB per mailbox and in the case of hosted e-mail addresses (test@domain.com.ba) limitation is 1 GB per mailbox.


Is it possible to use IPv6 addresses within BH Telecom packages?

Yes, in the case of Net Flat or Moja TV Package it is possible to activate so-called dual-stack mode where our users can have, in addition to IPv4, IPv6 Protocol as well.


Is RTV subscription fee included in Moja TV Service subscription fee? Do I have to pay it?

BH Telecom does not charge RTV subscription fee and it is not included in Moja TV Service subscription fee. RTV subscription fee is paid pursuant to the Law on Radio and TV Set Possession. You should address the Public Service of RTV BiH to get more information about RTV subscription fee.


I use Moja TV Phone Package. How can I activate Internet access? What is its rate?

You can activate Internet access if you call our free number 1444 and the rates are 512 kbps for download and 128 kbps for upload.


I use Moja TV Full Package. I would like to know what is included in the additional service package for calls toward BH Mobile network – Package 100?

Package 100 includes 100 free minutes for calls toward BH Mobile network within one-month period. Accounting unit is 1 second. Unused free minutes cannot be used following month.




What is Internet TV? Does BH Telecom provide this service?

Internet TV or TV over Internet is, unlike IPTV (Internet Protocol TV), the system for delivery of video content through public and open Internet network, having a limited quality.

Internet TV enables you to watch any program, which is broadcasted over it, anywhere in the world but with a large number of limitations. The first and the most important one is the quality and guaranteed throughput.

Concerning the character of Internet as the global public network, it is not possible to guarantee throughput from the content source to the content reception.

On the other hand, due to lower throughput of Internet connection (usually 1-4 Mbit), it is impossible to provide a high quality video content streaming.

To have an Internet TV set, you need a personal computer with corresponding software. BH Telecom offers Internet TV through its Moja Web TV Service.


Is it possible to use Moja Web TV Service abroad? If so, how can I activate it?

Yes, Moja Web TV Service can be used abroad. A user has to select it and register on BH Telecom web page (http://www.bhtelecom.ba/webtv.html). Upon his successful registration, the user will receive e-mail request to confirm his registration as well as his access data (username and password).

After he confirms his registration, the user is able to purchase Moja Web TV Service Package if he selects preferred utilization period and initiates the online payment procedure.

The service prices to be paid via web pages of BH Telecom are presented in KM and include the Value-Added Tax.

Upon receipt of successfully effected payment, BH Telecom will start to provide service in the requested period.

Internet traffic generated by the user will be charged according to valid Price List and conditions specified by the Internet service provider.


Which channels are available to Moja Web TV users abroad?

Moja Web TV Service users have 19 BiH (regional) channels and 19 radio stations at their disposal during their stay or service utilization outside of BiH. TV content list:






























NTV 101






Moja TV Sport




I activated Moja Web TV Service, but when I open the browser I can see only the black screen and channel download. How can I remove that failure?

You need to update your browser and flow player to last version and try again.

If you fail, it is necessary to test service operation via another browser.


I am unable to use Moja Web TV Service as before. What can I do in this case?

You need to update flow player and to test service operation via another browser (preferably Google Chrome). We remind you that you have to be connected with Internet Service provided by BH Telecom in order to use this service.


Why does the image freeze during my watching Moja Web TV Service?

You should test your connection rate at our web page and check if managing programs, browser and flow player are upgraded to last versions. If those segments are in operation, you need to report a failure through our Users Support channels.


Do I have to pay 1 KM for each watching Moja Web TV Service?

This service collection is made only once in a month, amounting to 1 KM + VAT, from users of Internet Service provided by BH Telecom.


Is it possible to use Teletext Service on Moja Web TV Service channels?

No, it is not possible to use Teletext Service within Moja Web TV Service.


How can I activate/deactivate Moja Web TV Service?

After logging in our users portal, you need to select Moja TV and then Moja Web TV Activation in the left side Menu and to mark your preferred activity – activated or deactivated.


What is Pay-Per-View Service? How can I use it?

Pay-Per-View Service enables you to purchase events over Moja Web TV Service. Upon selection of the channel on which the offered event is broadcasted, a user receives information about the price of that event which is charged one-time, so he is able either to confirm or to give up from that purchase.

I bought a mobile device with contractual obligations a few months ago. Which possibilities do I have to buy another/additional device?

If you bought a mobile device through your postpaid number, you can buy another one through the same number but without the discount you already got when buying your first mobile device. Payment in monthly instalments is still at your disposal.


My mobile device is faulty. Where can it be repaired?

Mobile devices meant for after-sale servicing can be submitted at any BH Telecom point-of-sale. In the servicing period, we offer you to use alternative mobile device free of charge.


I bought iPhone mobile device but my standard SIM card does not fit in. What can I do?

To follow the up-to-date telecommunication trends, BH Telecom procured MicroSIM Cutters meant for a seamless modification of the standard SIM card to MicroSIM dimensions necessary for iPhone and similar devices. This modification is free of charge and you can have it at any BH Telecom point-of-sale.


I would like to buy a mobile device you offer but it is not available at the nearest point-of-sale of BH Telecom. How and where can I buy it?

You can make a reservation of the mobile device you selected if you send your data (full name, address, city and contact number) to e-mail address prodaja@bhtelecom.ba


I will come for a short visit to BiH. What is the mobile signal coverage? Which options do I have for mobile Internet via USB modem?

BH Telecom enabled for its users, not wishing to have any contractual obligation, to make one-time purchase of USB 3G mobile modem and Ultra Packages meant for Internet access.

BH Telecom signal covers 98% of BiH territory, including a part of the Adriatic Sea coastal area (Neum).


How can I protect myself from irregular utilization of devices and loss of guarantee?

To prevent negative effects and eventual loss of your device guarantee, we recommend you to use all devices you buy in accordance with the instructions you get with the guarantee card.

BH Telecom points out that it is very dangerous if you try to take the integrated battery out of your mobile device or if you damage mechanically the battery of your mobile device or tablet.

If the battery is damaged, your mobile device can be burned or even explode, endangering your life and property. So treated devices lose the guarantee in line with valid procedure.

Each unauthorized/unprofessional attempt to take a battery out of your mobile device can damage the battery and cause its overheating, which results in fire. Each battery, marked as not removable, is a fixed, irremovable and integral part of your mobile device and it has to be treated accordingly.

BH Telecom does not bear any responsibility for possible accidents resulting from irregular handling and utilization of devices by its users.


What is the Bonus Plus Loyalty Program?

Bonus Plus Loyalty Program introduced by BH Telecom is a unique model meant for giving points as users rewards with a lot of benefits which can be used in line with their needs, such as Assembled Service discount when they purchase a new device offered by BH Telecom, monthly fee discount and additional purchase of additional services.

You can find detailed information about the Bonus Plus Loyalty Program here.


Who is the Bonus Plus Loyalty Program meant for?

Our Bonus Plus Loyalty Program is meant for all physical persons using BH Telecom service packages which include subscription fee and contract signature, for which they receive a monthly bill. Ultra (prepaid) users can also join this Program provided that they register at any BH Telecom point-of-sale.


Is membership to Bonus Plus Loyalty Program free of charge?

Yes, membership to our Bonus Plus Loyalty Program is free of charge.


How can I become a member to the Bonus Plus Loyalty Program?

Request for your registration can be submitted as follows:

  • over BH Telecom web page here.
  • at any BH Telecom point-of-sale

    How can unregistered Ultra (prepaid) users be the members to the Bonus Plus Loyalty Program?

    For an unregistered Ultra (prepaid) user to be the member to the Bonus Plus Loyalty Program, he has to register first, i.e. to submit a properly filled in and personally signed Registration Form, , showing his identification documents previously. Upon his registration approval, the user gets registration points amounting to 5 KM. Afterwards, the user is able to fill in his Request for Registration in the Bonus Plus Loyalty Program.

    A registered Ultra (prepaid) user is entitled to use benefits of this Program if he fills in and signs the Request for Registration in the Bonus Plus Loyalty Program.



    How can I get Bonus Plus points?

  • You get following one-time points as our gift because you became the member to our Bonus Plus Loyalty Program: welcome points, points for acceptance of mobile advertising and additional points for your utilization of BH Telecom services more than 10 years.
  • Monthly points are also the basic principle for collecting points, i.e. users get points grounded on their monthly bill/monthly recharge amount.
  • You can get points based on your activities such as: making a change from prepaid to postpaid account (applied on postpaid account), network change, regular bill payment, change to the package with higher value and conclusion of 12/24-month contract.
  • Special points are given to our users at special occasions, days, events, etc., e.g. user’s birthday.
  • You can find detailed information about collection of points here.


    What is the method for invoicing Bonus Plus points for Postpaid Package users?

    Invoicing for the purpose of points award to our Postpaid Package users includes monthly bill amount with VAT and installment for the device you bought (without RTV bill). Points award is carried out when a user effects payment of his bill for previous month. Checkup of previous month is performed from the 10th day of current month. In the case that a user does not pay his bill in the 50-day period from the beginning of checkup period, he will lose his right to get points for referred month.


    What is the method for invoicing Bonus Plus points for Prepaid Package users?

    Invoicing for the purpose of points award to our Prepaid Package users includes the total amount of recharges in a month (without recharges from subscribers accounts and Ultra transfers). In this case points are awarded on the 10th day of each month for previous month, provided that the monthly recharge amount is higher than 7,00 KM with VAT.


    In which period are the points collected, charged and used?

    The points are collected, charged and used in the period of one calendar year.



    How can I use the points I collected?

    Collected points can be used for the following services:

  • Assembled Service discount amounting to 5.00 KM, 10.00 KM, 20.00 KM, 30.00 KM and 50.00 KM
  • monthly fee discount (Postpaid users) amounting to 5.00 KM, 10.00 KM, 20.00 KM, 30.00 KM and 50.00 KM
  • Purchase of Additional Services

    How can I use points to get benefits?

    Our Ultra user can use points to get benefits if he sends SMS message to our service number 061 1162 stating the number of points (as the key word) he wishes to exchange for a benefit. Those points will be transferred in KM to the special Bonus Plus Loyalty Program member’s account – Bonus Plus Account.

    Our Postpaid Package user can exchange his points for benefits if he calls our Contact Center number 1444 or goes to any BH Telecom point-of-sale.

    Members to our Bonus Plus Loyalty Program are able to use their points to get the Assembled Service discount at any BH Telecom point-of-sale when they buy another device. Our Ultra users will get a voucher for the Assembled Service discount, while our Postpaid Package users are obliged to furnish us with their voucher in order to get this benefit.


    What is a voucher?

    Voucher is meant for utilization of collected points. When our Ultra user requests to have the Assembled Service discount, he receives a voucher he is obliged to submit in order to get this benefit.



    How can I check the number of Bonus Plus points I collected?

    Our user can check his points depending on the components he has in his profile.

    Our user can always check his points at the following places:

  • if they register at our web portal here
  • through Moj vodič (My Guide) (calling the code *110#)
  • if they send SMS message STATUS to 061 1161
  • over our Contact Center number 1444 or at any BH Telecom point-of-sale (only for our Postpaid Package users)


    Who can I turn to in the case of a complaint about the Bonus Plus Loyalty Program?

    Our user can make additional checkup or complaint any time, as follows:

  • if they call our Contact Center number 1444
  • if they send SMS message to our Contact Center number 1444
  • if they send e-mail message to podrska@bhtelecom.ba
  • at any BH Telecom point-of-sale (showing his identification document)



    If you use several services provided by BH Telecom and receive separate bills for them, you are able to activate our One Bill Service free of charge, which allows you to make easier records about your payment obligations and to make your payments easier. One Bill Service enables you to integrate two or more services in one bill and to effect their payment over one payment slip.

    One Bill Service gives you a possibility to integrate the services you use in the following combinations:

    You are able to activate One Bill Service if you call our Contact Center number 1444 or go to any BH Telecom point-of-sale.

    If you wish, you can also receive One Bill Service on your e-mail address upon activation of E-Bill Service.


    E-Bill Service enables you to receive BH Telecom bills over electronic mail. Electronic bill has the same form as the paper bill you receive at your home address.

    Take advantages of a faster and safer delivery of your bills, as well as easier storage in your personal computer, protecting your environment at the same time. By means of e-bills you contribute to the global movement for environmental protection. We remind you that one 15-20 years old tree is enough for production of only 2.000 paper bills!

    Activation of E-Bill Service is very simple:

    You can change your e-mail address meant for delivery of your bills limitlessly.




    Our users have a possibility to effect payment of their service bills without commission at any BH Telecom point-of-sale throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can find the list of our points-of-sale and their working hours here.

    Users of Sarajevo Directorate can pay their BH Telecom bills without commission in BOR Bank.



    • Through SMS Message

    Mobile payment of BH Telecom bills through SMS message enables you to effect an easy, fast and safe bills payment over your mobile device, being collected from the current account you have as a client of Raiffeisen Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank or NLB Bank.

    This service is free of charge, i.e. without charging SMS message, without commission and without monthly fee.

    Payment of one or more BH Telecom bills can be effected on your name or another user’s name with his approval. (E.g. parents can pay telephone bills of their children or any other person, if necessary.)

    You activate this service if you send a free SMS message to 061 11770 with the key word REG, reference number of the bill you want to pay and your bank code (Raiffeisen Bank-161, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank-154 or NLB Bank-132), as follows:

    e.g. REG 1234567891011 161

    In the case that you pay several different bills, you have to send SMS message for each bill separately.

    After you send activation SMS message successfully, you will get SMS message with reference data of the bill for which you registered to effect payment and a notice that you can go to the nearest bank to conclude a contract about this service utilization.

    After you sign a contract with your bank, you will be informed via SMS message that the service is activated for each bill separately and you will get your mPIN – the code you will use when confirming your payment.

    At the end of charging period, for each bill for which you registered, you will receive SMS notification that your bill arrived with the following data:

    name / surname / service name / service code* / charging period / payment amount



    BH Line


    BH Mobile




    Moj izbor


    One Bill Service


    Moja TV




    After you receive your bill (by post or electronically) you send SMS message to our service number 061 11770, writing down the service code, the number of month for which the bill is issued and your mPIN code. E.g. for payment of the BH Line bill for March, the message will be: BHL 3 1234.

    Service activation for payment of individual BH Telecom bill, i.e. individual reference, can be done only from single users’s mobile network number. Service utilization is disabled during a provisional disconnection of mobile number used for financial transactions. Specific conditions for this service provision can be found in our valid Price List.


    Our E-Bill Service users are able to effect payments over e-payment slip in the way that they receive, in the electronic/mobile banking application, the elements of their BH Telecom service bill in the form of an electronic payment slip, being a pre-filled in payment order.

    Payment with e-payment slip is available to BH Telecom subscribers having E-Bill Service activated (physical and legal persons), a transaction account opened with a partner bank and electronic/mobile banking service activated.

    Request for service registration is submitted electronically over electronic/mobile banking application and/or another available/contracted channel. During service activation, it is necessary to enter the reference from the (paper or electronic) bill for BH Telecom service. If a client/user wishes to pay several different BH Telecom bills, he needs to activate each bill for each individual reference.

    Partner banks with which BH Telecom has contracted this service are as follows:

    • Sberbank – within Click Pay Service
    • Bosna Bank International – within e-Režije Service

    You can find more information about this service at web pages of our partner banks.

    You can find information about activation of E-Bill Service here or if you call our free Contact Center number 1444.



    Payment over standing order is the service with which you give authorization for your bank to effect payment of your BH Telecom bills on your behalf. In that case, your bank will pay your BH Telecom bills each month, automatically transferring relevant amount from your current account to BH Telecom account. Upon completion, that transaction will be presented in your current account statement.

    Payment over standing order can be effected in the following banks:


    Complaints about your telecommunication service bill can be made within the deadline specified for payment of the disputed bill, i.e. by the 25th day of current month for previous month.

    The deadline for resolution of a complaint is fifteen days from the day of receipt. Exceptionally, when resolution of a complaint requires more complex checkups, this deadline can be extended to thirty days from the day of receipt.

    You are able to make a complaint if you call our free Contact Center numbers 1444 (physical persons) and 1322 (legal persons), and if you send e-mail message to the addresses printed on your bill.


    If you do not pay the debt for which you received a note by the 25th day of the month in which the note is issued, BH Telecom can disconnect provisionally the service you use in accordance with the General Conditions for Services Provision.

    If you paid your debt in the meantime, find above note irrelevant.

    If you have any questions, feel free to call our Contact Center numbers 1444 (physical persons) and 1322 (legal persons) free of charge.

    Reconnection of the provisionally disconnected service connection is charged according to valid Price List of BH Telecom services.

    Prior to initiation of debt collection through relevant legal procedure, BH Telecom delivers a dun letter as a special document before any legal action, attempting to resolve the dispute peacefully.


    You are able to check your current service consumption, i.e. bill, if you log in BH Telecom portal.

    Our users of mobile service packages have the additional possibility to check their bills if they send a free SMS message to 061 1101 or call the free code of My Guide Service *110#.


    Request for our Detailed Call Listing Service can be fulfilled regularly on the basis of a user’s announcement and it is provided either monthly or subsequently upon request. This service is free of charge in both cases.


    In the case that you need to follow your monthly service consumption, you can activate our Information on Reached Limit Service, i.e. you can define your monthly consumption limit by yourselves and, when you reach it, you will receive SMS notification about it. You can be familiarized with the utilization conditions and method being applied in this service in the Specific Conditions defined in our valid Price List.

    You can submit a request for this service utilization if you call our Contact Center number 1444 or go to any BH Telecom point-of-sale.