Strategically speaking, we have a very serious approach to corporate responsibility being aware that we are a part of the fast evolving industry, so we have made our best efforts to offer new services in order to contribute to the well-being of the society as a whole.

The goal of the Partnership Program is to develop and implement new technological and/or business solutions, within partnership between BH Telecom and potential business partners, and to offer new services to end users based on those solutions.




BH Telecom provides its future partners with an up-to-date and stable infrastructure support, powerful sales and promotion channels, recognizable and popular brand, comprehensive user base, good relationships with its users grounded on mutual confidence and availability of BH Telecom knowledge base. If your portfolio includes your specialist knowledge, know-how and expert competences, feel free to contact us in order to open possibilities for our business cooperation through synergy of our advantages and expertise for the purpose of meeting the market needs and making extra profit.


Why BH Telecom?

We have:

  • Skilled and experienced staff
  • Infrastructure and safety
  • Comprehensive user base
  • Recognizable brand
  • User and marketing support
  • Powerful sales channels

Why you?

You have:

  • Your own company
  • Idea
  • Innovative solutions
  • You are a specialist in your field of work
  • Your aspiration is to be the best possible

Our partnership

  • Let us accomplish our strategic and business goals
  • Let us add a new value to our brands
  • Let us improve our business operations
  • Powerful sales resulting from our synergy
  • Marketing support
  • Follow-up of technological trends and innovations
  • Larger user base
  • Getting new market segments



You are innovative, ready for new business models and interested in cooperation and team work? Become a partner of BH Telecom.

You can apply for admittance to our Partnership Program if you fill in below Form or furnish us with your cooperation proposal through BH Telecom Protocol (Franca Lehara 7, Sarajevo) and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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Partnership Program will not consider procurement of contents, TV channels and all other goods and services which are contracted in accordance with relevant official documents of BH Telecom, as well as offers which include placement of currently existing services and products through sales and promotion arrangements and sponsorships.





Pantheon Cloud Service is business information system enabling control over company’s business processes. Pantheon Cloud is online solution which allows small and medium-sized companies to integrate their business processes and to have a full control in a unique system. This service supports all processes of a company, starting from goods management, accounting and finances, to human resources, salaries or simple production, and it has additional functionalities for international business operations as well as business analytics important for the management.

Utilization of Pantheon Cloud application includes:

  • CLOUD APPLICATION, as the element of Datalab Pantheon computer program being installed and operated on BH Telecom servers, and users can access it if they use local application.
  • LOCAL APPLICATION, as the element of Datalab Pantheon computer program being installed or used by users on the computer operating station, so providing access and a possibility to use Cloud Application.


Unimedia, GRAS

Bus Info Service enables for passengers to be informed about arrival of public transportation vehicles in GRAS stations within Sarajevo Canton.

Calling *133*unique station code#, users can learn how long they have to wait for incoming transportation vehicles. (*133* is calling number, while the number next to # is a unique station code). The codes of bus, tram and trolleybus stations can be found on the stations and BH Telecom and GRAS web pages.

Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 is cloud-based service meant for business users, enabling their operations with the most up-to-date Microsoft tools within real time projects wherever they are and without worrying about their data security. Thanks to our Office Cloud System, your applications and data are always with you, during your in or out of network operations on your personal computer or mobile device.

Microsoft Office 365TM offers:

  • Round-the-clock availability of the most recent releases including automatic applications upgrade
  • Office installation on maximum five different devices for each user
  • Data storage in the cloud enabling access from any place
  • Full mobility with Office applications on smart phones and tablets

Online Protection – Kaspersky LAB

Lanaco, Kaspersky LAB

Online protection of physical persons includes provision of security software enabling for end users to have a safer utilization of Internet services.

Kaspersky LAB Online Protection Service provides the following contents and functionalities:

  • protection from viruses, spying, attacks, etc.
  • support to PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android
  • personal and data protection
  • increased security during online shopping and bank activities
  • child protection through Parental Control and Kaspersky Safe Kids Services
  • safe password keeping – for easy access
  • protection of family photos, music and memories
  • minimum effect on devices operation
  • simplified security

A large number of Kaspersky LAB products is offered for the needs of BH Telecom users.

Online Protection – Zemana


Online protection of physical persons includes provision of security software enabling for end users to have a safer utilization of Internet services.

Zemana Online Protection Service provides the following contents and functionalities:

  • protection from viruses, spying, attacks, etc.
  • personal and data protection
  • increased security during online shopping and bank activities
  • safe password keeping
  • devices operation according to their design

Zemana products are at disposal for BH Telecom users.

Tu sam

Tim system

Tu sam (I Am Here) Service is meant for a wide range of users, from business to residential, i.e. currently existing postpaid and prepaid BH Telecom users. The solution was developed on the follow-up platform enabling a connection with the contacts having the same service activated, as well as mutual real time follow-up. This service also provides registration and distribution of alarm-panic cases, as well as making calls and/or sending SMSs to the contacts. The number of contacts to be followed is not limited.

This service includes the following functionalities:

  • location and follow-up
  • alarm function
  • calls and SMSs
  • geofence function
  • map

Electronic Payment Slip

Sberbank, BBI

Users of bht e-račun (e-bill) Service can receive the bills for BH Telecom services they used, i.e. electronic payment slip, directly in the application of electronic mobile banking system of the partner bank. E-payment slip is previously filled in order which enables for payment to be effected with only one click.

Payment with e-payment slip is available only for BH Telecom subscribers having bht e-račun Service activated (physical and legal persons), a transaction account opened in the partner bank and electronic/mobile banking service activated.

Request for this service registration is submitted electronically over application for electronic/ mobile banking service and/or another available/contracted channel. During activation, it is necessary to enter reference from the delivered (written or electronic) bill for BH Telecom services. If a client/user wishes to effect payment for several different BH Telecom bills, he has to activate each BH Telecom bill for each reference.

Partner banks with which BH Telecom has contracted this service are:

  • Sberbank – within Click Pay
  • Bosnia Bank International – within e-Režije (e-bills) Service

Tree D One Service offers elementary school contents for electronic learning. This service users will be offered the educational system for six subjects meant for pupils from the fifth to ninth elementary school grades: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian languages – grammar, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and English language.

The lessons are harmonized with the curriculum currently applied in BiH. For the purpose of additional support to getting new knowledge, textual explanations and video materials are also provided. Our users also have online tests at disposal for their day-to-day knowledge checkup. – always available instructor!



Edu720 – fast and simple work education

Edu720 is unique online educational platform meant for all companies having a need to educate and inform their employees.

By means of this service companies are able to educate their employees anytime and anywhere over web and mobile applications, initiating short multimedia contents followed by automatic checkup of new knowledge. It is also possible to have access to a comprehensive analytic reports set in order to follow and check the results of employees’ learning and growth.

Unlike the other online learning platforms, Edu720 is fully based on an innovative nano-learning concept resulting in 100% acceptance of necessary information for minimum fixed monthly fee, being the solution for high costs of inefficient educations with which a lot of companies are faced nowadays.




This is your opportunity to make additional income for your company.

Become an agent who sells BH Telecom services to legal persons.

The following retail BH Telecom services are sold this way: MPLS, IP Centrex, Advertising, Cloud, Wlan Host and special-purpose communication solutions resulting from a combination of BH Telecom services.

Your obligations would be as follows:

  • to find new users and connect them with BH Telecom so that they can conclude a contract on utilization of above mentioned services,
  • to make a contact with potential users and present BH Telecom services to them, to furnish us with users’ requests and other information, grounded on data about technical availability of BH Telecom services.

Target agents are:

  • IT/ICT companies working with local buyers,
  • companies selling computer equipment.

The preconditions for you to become our sales agent are that you do not provide above mentioned services and that you do not have a permission of relevant regulatory body for providing them.

Feel free to contact us at

Below companies have found the offer for cooperation with BH Telecom acceptable: