While you are visiting our country, you are able to follow the BH TV and radio channels via the Internet or mobile networks.

Use services My Web TV or my TV to Go.

Moja Web TV is an Internet TV service that allows you to watch TV and radio channels follow through the Internet.

My Web TV offers:

  • watching live TV program content of a large number of BH TV stations
  • listening to a large number of BH radio programs
  • using of additional services EPG / Electronic Program Guide - information about the names of TV shows and weather broadcasts
  • using additional services TimeShift - the ability to watch TV programs broadcast in the previous period

The service is available through prepaid payment system, and we offer two packages:

My Web TV Prepaid
30 days
for 20 KM

My Web TV Prepaid
90 days
for 45 KM

Instructions for activation, payment and use of My Web TV via prepaid system can be found here.

After activation click here.

you can download the My Web TV Android application for free at   

You can download the My Web TV iOS application for free at

List of channels available via the My Web TV is available here ovdje.

Moja TV to Go is a service that allows watching of TV programs and content to all users of the mobile network of BH Telecom.

Activation of the service is free, and we offer two packages:

Moja TV to Go
The basic package
30 hours of viewing of TV content
for 6.40 KM per month

Moja TV to Go
Basic + Sport package
30 hours of viewing TV content
for 8.60 KM per month

Mobile Internet traffic from BH Mobile network, made during the service is free of charge. Once you reach the limit of free airtime included in the fee, the use of services at an additional charge at a price of 0.01 KM per minute using the service. Service My TV to Go cannot be used while roaming.

My TV to Go can also be used only once, for a period of 24 hours from the time of activation and in this case the fee for the basic package is 1.50 KM, and for basic +sport the fee amounts 2 KM..

Moja TV to Go
The basic package
24 hours after activation
for 1.50 KM one time payment

Moja TV to Go
Basic + Sport package
24 hours after activation
for 2 KM one time payment

The monthly or one-time fee to use the service will be charged the full amount at the time of service activation, and in each following month the monthly fee is charged on the same date when the service is activated. If at the time of collection of the monthly fee you do not have enough funds to a prepaid account, the system will be trying for 30 days to charge, during which time you will not be able to use the service. If after 30 days there are still not enough funds on the prepaid account service My TV to Go will be deactivated.

The service Moja TV to Go can be used in two ways:

  • As an app on mobile phones (Android and Windows phone OS)
  • Through the web portal of BH Telecom for mobile users


Application to use my TV to Go you can download for free at:

List of channels available through my TV to Go service is available here. ovdje.

The detailed instructions for activation and deactivation of services are available here ovdje.


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