Where to buy?

You can purchase sim cards, top-up, or other services at all BH Telecom sales points. Look for the orange BH telecom label at most stands and shops around the country. Info sales counters can also be found in major shopping malls or in our Telecom Centers.

Types of top-up for Ultra credit:

  • electronic voucher (minimum recharge amount is 5 KM),
  • electronic top-up supplement (minimum recharge amount is 2 KM),
  • recharging the ULTRA credit from subscriber account (minimum recharge amount is 0.1 KM) and
  • recharge the credits on ATMs of UniCredit Bank and Raiffeisen Bank


Time use of credit is restricted depending on the amount.

Look for this sticker!

Each time the credits are renewed the expiration date is also being renewed.

If the remaining life of the previous credits is longer than the use of the new voucher, the previous expiry date of the credits will remain.

Expiry times and duration of use of credit:

  • Recharge of 1 KM to 2.99 KM - 7 days,
  • Recharge of 3 KM to 4.99 KM - 10 days,
  • Recharge of 5 KM to 9.99 KM - 30 days,
  • Recharge of 10 KM to 19.99 KM - 90 days,
  • Recharge of 20 KM and more - 180 days


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