Public call for show of interest – BH Telecom IPTV service future



BH Telecom invites partners and business subjects to show interest for creating a proposal for future development of IPTV system and IPTV services of BH Telecom. The intent is to gather information and proposals for future development of IPTV technical platform and IPTV as a service for BH Telecom. BH Telecom is in the IPTV world for a decade now (2007 – IPTV Pilot, 2009 – MojaTV commercial start). Having such a long insight into a relatively young TV distribution technology has it advantages and shortcomings. After 8 years of commercial success, BH Telecom is ready to go back to the drawing board, and to accept and implement technology improvements that will make sure that the service deployed remains a commercial success for years to come. In 2018. most of the current service platform is in planned upgrade state. This gives us a unique opportunity to take a deep look at the current offerings on the market, and to choose an optimal development path.


We expect interested parties to send an introductory email to  after which they will receive complete RFI document.


Deadline for proposal delivery is 22.12.2017.


It is important to understand that this procedure and subsequent proposals will not create any obligations or limitations for BH Telecom for future decisions and projects.