The company is organized as independent organization and economical-business unit on functional, technological, process and territorial principle by which the predispositions for successful business performance and efficiency in governance and management are created.


In organizational aspect, the company consists of main organizational units and their internal organizational subunits. 


Main organizational units of our company are:


Cabinet of the CEO

  • Executive Directorate for Business Development 
  • Executive Directorate for Legal Affairs and Organization and Human Resource Management
  • Executive Directorate for Technology and Service Development
  • Executive Directorate for Economic and Financial Affairs
  • Executive Directorate for Investments
  • Executive Directorate for Information Technologies
  • Directorate BH Line
  • Directorate BH Mobile
  • Directorate for Sale and Support


     Directorate Sarajevo

     Directorate Tuzla 

     Directorate Zenica

     Directorate Mostar

     Directorate Bihać 

     Directorate Travnik 

     Directorate Goražde

     Telecom Engineering

     Branch Office - Brčko BH Telecom Centar

     Branch Office - Banja Luka BH Telecom Centar