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BH Telecom is the leading operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the largest market share in the provision of the telecommunications services: fixed, mobile and Internet networks.


The existing capacities of the direct links enable its subscribers service of international voice telephony by automatic dialing with 225 countries in the world. BH Telecom has 20 direct connections with foreign operators and direct connections with two Bosnia-Herzegovina operators, Telekom Srpska and HT Mostar, through which it realizes an international telephone traffic.


To realize national traffic BH Telecom is interconnected with dominant operators  - Telekom Srpska and HT Mostar, as well as with 12 alternative operators.


For the purpose of providing Internet service, BH Telecom has provided international Internet capacities toward world leading Tier 1 top providers.


BH Telecom, as the first telecom operator from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, from the beginning of March 2015 has officially become part of the BIX (Budapest Internet Exchange), where it has a direct Internet peering with Google, in order to further improving Internet services for the customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


BH Telecom is continuously cooperating with many domestic and foreign companies. Through the investment cycles on an annual basis BH Telecom in Bosnia and Herzegovina contracts and pays several tens of millions of KM (Convertible Mark) to domestic firms, while equipment which is not produced by domestic companies it purchases abroad. Many years of good business cooperation it has achieved with the world's leading manufacturers of the telecommunications equipment, such as "Ericsson" and "Siemens", as well as with many other companies.


BH Telecom has provided for its customers quality roaming services worldwide. Users can achieve undisturbed communication when being abroad, in 136 countries around the world and choose among 315 operators with which BH Telecom has signed roaming agreements.


Infrastructure of BH Telecom is a part of the global telecommunications system and, as such, provides B&H citizens and business entities using of high-quality fixed and mobile network in domestic, long-distance and international traffic, and many, variously shaped service packages.


Membership of BH Telecom in the International Telecommunications Associations:


ITU -  International Telecommunications Union

(Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member of ITU since 1992. PE PTT Bosnia and Herzegovina / BH Telecom Joint Stock Company Sarajevo since 1998 is a member of two sectors of the ITU: ITU - T – Standardization Sector and ITU - D – Telecommunications Development Sector.)


ETNO - European Telecommunications Networks Operators' Association


EUTELSAT  EuropeanTelecommunications Satellite Organization


INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Organization


INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite Organization


NSS - New Sky Satellites


GSM Association - GSM Association has been founded in 1987 and it represents the common interests of more than 800 mobile operators in the world, in more than 220 countries.


ETSI - European Telecommunications Standardization Institute



CEPT - European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations